Jellyfish EP

by Oddity Island

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released March 9, 2018

Written and performed by Oddity Island
Recorded with Old Hotel Records
Produced by Kenneth J Nash
Artwork by Amy Kelly


all rights reserved



Oddity Island Kettering, UK

Psychedelic rock that crosses so many bridges you can only end up on Oddity Island.

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Track Name: Culthead
Fell from a time when things were mine
And no one, and no one could take that away
With what they say, or what they do
And they'll never, they'll never show it to you

take a seat, I've never seen your tie so neat
Self-esteem is hard to beat

So tell me everything is fine
Tell me everything is going to be all right
Although I know that that's not true
Please, help me feel removed

Cut from a cloth too warm and soft
To ever, to ever feel tough enough
But that is fine, the pleasure's all mine
And I will, and I will stop you hopping the line

But not for free, because you don't own me
A selfless person it's hard to be

So tell me something new
Tell me something I can fucking use this time
Although it may not help me
Please, I'm willing to wait and see

Conditions of the lonely night
That made me rack my brain
I come of as something else that's playing being tame
Half of me feels every little stone beneath my feet
Half of me is the kindest sociopath you'll ever meet

Sometimes I feel everything
It's a technical insight
Sometimes I feel number than a killer taking life
And I will ride this wave of apathy till the end of the day
I'm a culthead, bedhead, time-waster with nothing left to say
Track Name: Everyday (Part One)
Miss Everyday steps out of her house
To breathe the first act of today
The first one after a long night indulgence
Thinking about quitting again, again

Again with the dull stab in her thinking tissues
That ache of cliché'd decay
And tortures the voice that she used to think in
When something was learnt everyday


She marched down the street in a hurry, so worried
Cause she slept through her alarm again
Passed the working class castles made of terrace bricks
Built from the industrial dead

Flashbacks of bright lights from a depraved night
Flash faster than her skin can shed
And as she carries herself forward
All that exists is them

Exists is them
Exists is them

As she walked through the dance floor of pedestrians pestering
The monkey on her back
She'd eaten her brain and continued to digest
Every thought she ever had

Till the place started shaking
Cracking and breaking
People were screaming and trying to leave
As the dance floor collapsed down
Into the basement
That curb came from somewhere
Lucid and sobering

Everyday, we fill space
Everyday, we fill space
Track Name: Made of Plastic
Inside a plastic ravine
Outside of anywhere
A boy who's tangled in manhood
So raw and unprepared

Not enough space in the box
That he was grown in
And he's never said I love you
For the first time sober

His face is like finding a box of his photographs
Made to remember like the names on the Cenotaph

Taint was taut on her tongue, spring loaded barbed and primed
Bitter like the taste of stodgy porridge or pickled brine
Or a place stripped of industry and not replaced
And her mood was captured by the brutal architecture of this place

Her face is like finding a box of her photographs
Made to remember like the names on the Cenotaph
Track Name: Jellyfish
Track Name: Sleep Addicts
Hello everybody, Mr. Credible is here
Please hold me in high regard but I am not what I appear
I like feeling all superior, even though it isn't true
Sometimes I spout about what I don't believe just to get a rise out from you

I earn the trust of others but you're all just a means to an end
I'm irresponsible and selfish and I lie to all of my friends
I'm a walking contradiction I don't practice what I preach
I wrap myself in morals but won't do a thing about them
Cause I don't have the drive to care if it doesn't help me

I don't care about my health enough
I'm far too lazy for relief
My mouth is rotting slowly
It feels broken, it feels dirty
I spit blood when I brush my teeth
I'm too lazy for relief

I'm a calculated mixture of a nice guy and a prick
Cause being liked it more important, being honest makes me sick
So I'll fabricate my image, to shy away from who I am
I bare my teeth and smile and resent you where I stand
Cause God forbid you missed the kid with the eyelids lathered thick from the haze of the plant in my hand

I don't care about my health enough
I'm far too lazy for relief
My mouth is rotting slowly
It feels broken, it feels dirty
I spit blood when I brush my teeth
I'm too lazy for relief

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